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virus, fungusTroubled by bacteria, Corona or other flu viruses, fungal infections or did you maybe just burn yourself? Grab your silver, in liquid and in gel form, and generously apply to the area.

Silver belongs in every first aid kit, at home and when you travel. It helps purify water, and it has been successfully tested against 650 single cell organisms. Silver is a naturally occurring mineral, which is present in trace amounts in our bodies, and of course, widely available in nature, fruits and vegetables, provided it was present in the soil they were grown.

Robert O. Becker, MD, orthopedic surgeon and medical researcher, noticed a correlation between low silver levels and illness. Dr. Becker found that people who had low levels of silver (determined through hair analysis) were sick more frequently and their illnesses lasted much longer than people who had higher levels of silver. He believed a silver deficiency was the reason for the improper functioning of the immune system.

In his best-selling book The Body Electric, and in his other writings, Dr. Becker reported that silver was doing something more than just killing disease-causing organisms. It was also stimulating immune response in humans. He concluded that silver deficiency leads to the improper functioning of the immune system.

He also noticed that silver was responsible for major growth stimulation of injured tissues as silver is a catalyst for the creation of healthy, new cells. Burn patients and even elderly patients achieved rapid healing of damaged tissue with the aid of electrically generated silver ions. In addition, he discovered that cancer cells could be changed back to normal cells when directly treated with electrically generated silver ions.

Sovereign SilverBefore the onset of penicillin and other antibiotics, the use of silver was common in people’s lives.  The new miracle drug penicillin, pushed silver aside. However, plenty of home grown remedies such as herbal teas and poultices continued to be used instead of antibiotics, and eventually home made silver made its come back with people who liked to take health into their own hands. Silver is excellent for flus and colds, abscesses, burns, and anywhere where its naturally anti-bacterial, anti viral anti fungal properties are needed. In Europe, before refrigeration it was common to put a silver coin in a jug of milk to prevent spoilage.

Over the years, advanced technology of silver processing brought us silver hydrosol, a solution with 10ppm  and higher amounts of silver suspended in water. This kind of silver has very little taste and is safe to take for all ages and in all orifices. Highly effective against viral infections, especially when included in a natural regimen at the first signs of flu or colds. Silver is available in liquid form or as a gel, and is sometimes added to cream bases and after-sun lotions. Liquid Silver can be added to juice, your water bottle. When camping, silver is effective in purifying water. For both pets and animal husbandry silver holds a respected place of care.

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This silver gel helps safely soothe and disinfect nursing mother’s cracked nipples, and offers a cooling application on a sore baby bottom. For all ages, it’s effective against many infectious agents, for sore throat care, when you gargle with it, and of course internally fighting opportunistic pathogens.

Silver promotes cellular regrowth  underneath the injury and helps speed up the skin’s healing process wether after burns or even open sores. Silver is successfully used at trauma burn centers, but equally beneficial when you immediately apply some silver to any kind of burn at home.

In fact, I have been saved many times by silver from blisters and pain of acute burns caused by steam, hot water or hot oil. Silver offers the immediate ability to soothe and ‘undo’ the injury so I didn’t even remember where I was burned. I tend to apply it liberally first and then again after an hour and again before bed. No scars either.

Going through the cold season, when weather changes can affect our health, silver is an ally we want to keep close. Silver greatly shortens the duration of infections. The long term and safe application of silver hydrosol is a simple, natural solution for many issues, including wound care for the elderly for both internal use and topical applications. Consider using silver on your pre school kids, on babies in day care and, of course, their parents, too. Remember that once health and balance have been restored, reduce the silver to 1 teaspoon per day or one topical application and when completely healthy, stop using silver. Silver healing, naturopathy, alban, berks, PA, natural healing holistic Always take silver  on an empty stomach, usually one to three teaspoons. When you notice a cold coming on, or when there is the onset of herpes, fever blisters, shingles and more. You can do internal and external applications with the liquid. Gel is best used topically. When you think you had a tick bite applying silver gel to the area, and using the silver liquid internally greatly helps to prevent the chronic issues associated with Borreliosis.

droppersilverGeneral internal dosage is 1 teaspoon upon rising for prevention, always on an empty stomach. This works for both children over 12 and adults. If there is an acute situation, you can easily use more, ideally under the care of your natural health practitioner. Use half a dose for children under 3. Once things are better, return to one teaspoon a day. Kids could have it in a small amount of juice or in their bottle. Always discuss the use of silver with your pediatrician - there is much evidence that supports the desire to prevent antibiotic use in favor of this natural and safe remedy.   For adults, for acute infections/flu or viral attacks, use silver as needed 1- 3 teaspoons a day, always on an empty stomach, first thing in the am. I personally, along with others who have used silver regularly, have taken twice and 3 times this amount, I do however strongly recommend that you carefully gauge how silver works for you. Too much of a good thing, especially when you’re not well, can cause a healing response where your body suddenly dumps more toxins into the blood stream than you can handle.  Keep a swig or a cap full of pure silver in your mouth for 30 seconds, swish it around, even gargle with it, it allows the nano sized particles to be absorbed through your mucus membranes directly into your blood stream. Spit out this mouthful as it’s full of bacteria and if desired take another fresh dose of silver to swallow. Keep in mind that whatever path you choose, you also keep a good pro biotic at hand. We live in a field of foreign organisms, having lots of the tiny friendly allies makes an immeasurable difference to our health.

Oral care:

  • Brush gums gently with a soft brush in a circular motion, take your time, allow the blood to flow to your gums. If there is bleeding, gently continue to brush and rinse with cold water until all bleeding has stopped. You can either sluice through your teeth or apply with q-tip or brush. Doing this 2-3 times a day usually clears up any issues.
  • Infections or pain are helped with silver as a frequent rinse – spit out all fluids you don’t need the organisms – do this several times a day until pain subsides. Following the above suggestions, infections often accompanied by bleeding should take care of the problem. Bleeding brings the microbes to the surface easy to spit out. Regular dental check ups make sure there is nothing serious going on.

Eye care:

  • Eyes are particularly affected by today’s pollution and the continuous eye strain incurred through our various electronic devices. It is not surprising that more eye strain leads to red eye and sometimes to infections of the eye. I have often rinsed my eyes not only with a natural saline solution, but also with the silver in an eye cup as a wash, and also through drops right into the eyes. I find it refreshing and helpful and have heard from others that it has improved their eye sight.

Facial care:

  • Silver can be used as a facial cleanser similar to how you would use such a cosmetic product. Apply silver to a cotton pad and gently wipe your face before bed. Silver is able to penetrate through the top layers of the skin, and effectively cleanse the areas. When flying use a spray with silver to moisten your skin and to protect from airborne particles during your flight.
  • For pimples or acne, regularly cleansing the face with straight silver may well make the difference you’re looking for.

Wound care:

  • Silver, liquid or gel, is highly adaptable to open sores, oozing eczema, abrasions and cuts. Effective to stimulate new cells underneath the injuries or infections, silver’s antiseptic capacity holds promise for many previously unable to heal open wounds and sores. Of course, as in all areas, it is vital that you seek professional help for anything that does not change for the better within a few days’ time. Keep silver in your first aid kit and use for emergency care.

Viral outbreaks:

  • Herpes both simplex and zoster are effectively healed with silver. For those who know how it feels when an attack is imminent – usually erupting during stressful times – you begin taking silver at the first sign of the specific ‘aura’ that is felt prior to outbreaks. This could be a sense of flu like feel on skin around the areas, or a general sensitivity, early slight itching, etc. Those who have had herpes outbreaks know what this means. Apply silver generously to the entire area where you feel that ‘aura’ and also to the spots where you tend to break out. Freely apply inside the vagina around the labia, or the shaft of the penis, to prevent intensity. It is not always possible to completely avoid herpes outbreaks and it is certainly shortening the duration and recurrence. Cleanse area with clean water and a gentle soap, dry well and then apply a layer or two of the gel.
  • Shingles also of the herpes family has been helped by taking silver both internally, 3 times a day a teaspoon on an empty stomach, as well as generous applications directly on the affected areas. Silver gel may be more helpful for better adherence to the areas.

Psoriatic skin outbreaks:

  • Silver helps keep the intensity down, both externally applied as well as taken internally. Psoriasis is a digestive issue, so it’s best to find out what type of sensitivities play a role. Perhaps an elimination diet, homeopathy and herbal care combinations are helpful.

Cold and flu prevention:

  • Silver to the rescue, use on empty stomach 1 teaspoon 1-3 times a day, gargle with silver, spit out, get an applicator for nostril and sinus care and spray silver directly into nasal cavity and sinuses several times daily. This is also a great idea when you travel by plane, seeing that organisms move around unchecked. Spray silver over your face and specifically into your nose several times on flights lasting longer than 2 hours.
  • Sinus care is augmented when you cleanse nostrils in the shower or with a neti pot on a regular basis. There are tiny hairs in the nose that pick up lots of debris during daily exposure to life outside. Even in your home, open your windows at least once a day to completely air out your home to release old stale air and eliminate pathogens from your environment. This is important especially for those who no longer have their tonsils. In this case it’s also helpful to gargle daily in the shower and clear mucus from the throat and mouth area. You may also gargle with silver as a preventative, remember to spit out the gargle fluids and take a fresh portion of silver to swallow.


  • I can’t remember how often silver has saved me through the years. Being burned while cooking with hot splashing oil, hot water or steam, silver when applied immediately prevents blisters from forming. A huge plus is that when used right away, either liquid or the gel there is no pain and the skin returns to normal within less than an hour.
  • On established burns, silver is used to encourage the regrowth of skin cells to reduce the healing time and the pain such injuries bring with them.

Child and Mom care:

  • Silver is safe to use for babies and is much more desirable than antibiotics. Particularly helpful for diaper rash, a nice cool application of silver gel can soothe to the baby’s skin. For new mom’s whose nipples get sore during nursing, silver gel is easy to apply in between nursing times. If you prefer you can wipe off the gel with a cotton swab dipped in liquid silver. Cracked nipples are hard to live with and coconut oil is also a nice soothing application that does not harm the baby.
  • For babies who get slight eczema or little rashes, cradle cap or other yeast and fungus like outbreaks, silver can ease the itching and recurrence, reduce the time of the episode and eliminate the underlying infection.
  • Ear infections for children benefit from internal intake and local applications of silver. Warm the silver to 98 degrees and pour a few drops into the ear canal, hold the child’s head to the side until absorbed (about 1 minute or two) and repeat on other ear. Rubbing silver liquid or gel in front, around and behind the ear can extend the area as it is absorbed into the skin.
  • Insect bites especially aunt bites and stinging insects are helped with local applications of silver gel. Remember that wasps, bees and especially yellow jacket wasps possibly require more medical help, so if you’re sensitive to such insect bites, be smart and learn what your particular remedies are.

For all ages:

  • Whether for infants or old people, silver is easy and safe to use. Particularly helpful for elderly people whose urinary tract infections are often such a huge bother, silver brings relief both locally applied and taken internally, it’s safe to take 3-4 teaspoons a day.
  • Off the cuff: Most of us who use silver regularly, have safely taken much higher doses than recommended here and seen quicker recovery and healing from different problems.

It’s pretty easy to see from these notes that silver is not only safe and effective but an inexpensive solution to many topical and system issues we come across. There are no side effects to the silver hydro sol products such as Silver Max liquid and gel or Sovereign silver and both are available for purchase online. Written and prepared by H. Alban, ND – content may be shared with mention of the author.

Disclaimer: My Blogs are intended as information and education only. At no time are any of the information or suggestions on this website intended to diagnose, treat, prescribe or otherwise take the place of individualized care by your health care professional. Anyone accessing or downloading these handouts and wellness suggestions does so at their own risk and holds the author(s) harmless and takes full responsible for their own wellbeing.