The origins and causes of emotional stress are many and diverse and their deleterious effects have an intense impact on the body. Our behavior, attitudes and relationships. So much of what we ‘suffer’ could be eased with the right tools.  Living in Balance have helped many people find ease and tools to help themselves.

“In my 75 years I have worked with many therapists, counselors and coaches, and you have EXCELLED them all! Your great compassion, wisdom, and willingness to always walk with me the extra mile has made a significant difference in my Life and in the quality of my Life. Utilizing the most appropriate and helpful tools, techniques and pathways, you have brought light, laughter and great healing for me! Thank you, from the deep center of my Heart!” D.B.  PA


On a physiological level, the hormone cortisol regulates homeostasis - naturally balanced wellbeing throughout the day. Highest in the morning, cortisol lowers towards the end of the day to allow sleep and restoration to take place. Sudden stress causes a shot of cortisol into our blood stream with the intent on fighting whatever danger threatens you. These days it could be the fear of asking for a raise, appearing in court, being fired, or exams and tests at school - boot camp, fear of disappointing expectations, wanting to do be there for others - the list is endless. Under stress, we experience an old collection of fears and threats, not actually real in the moment, but perceived by the brain as intensely scary as the experience for which it was originally created. Usually, when we work stress off and relax, the system gets a chance to recover and slow down - alas in our modern world we are hardly ever able to slow down and reboot. Even on vacation, we go on adventures that are exciting = more adrenaline, instead of the soothing relaxation the body truly needs.

Stress is a part of life, suffering from stress is unnecessary - come and find out how you can help yourself, even if you think you have to put up with what’s already there in your life and it seems like you have no choice. We always have a choice on how we handle or manage the stressors in our lives, and it’s always surprising to people how simple this can be.

 “I asked Henriette Alban to help me with my fear of speaking in front of large groups of people.  I was scheduled to do a presentation and predictably I was unable to get more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep. The fatigue made me fuzzy-headed and irritable.  In just one telephone session, Henriette expertly isolated the core of the problem and tapped with me through a series of statements that released the fear.  I totally relaxed and was able to go to sleep easily and sleep soundly.  On the day of the speech I felt rested and confident and had a wonderful time connecting to the audience.” Dr. Joan B.

Whether stress comes in spurts or only shows up in specific areas of your life, we have a way to change that stress as was the case with this gifted young dancer who was very scared of performing in public:

“I want to thank you for all that you did for my daughter. It seems that she has turned a corner with her dance performances. She was relaxed and had fun during both her performances at the recent Nationals. She even received a special judges’ award for “Emotional Commitment” for her lyrical expression. She was beautiful and shared her love of dance openly and without the previous anxiety, and we have you to thank for it.” Robin V.

What if you could learn how to avert stress before it starts? Are the causes hidden in past events? This clearing can happen without returning to reliving the past.

What if there are physical postures and small movements that stop stress from taking over? Brain balancing works!

What if all this is possible before you get stressed out? Become aware of triggers that make you react, learning to become responsive, or even objective, about something that used to alarm you into a negative reaction.

Our mind has powerfully set perceptions of any possible threat, it decides what is considered acceptable and what is not. Whether others drain your energy, or you feel that you are more needy than you’d like to be, you can’t lose when you address the lack of inner peace and personal centeredness that bring so much ease to life.

EFT Tapping
What is EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique?

EFT Tapping is an elegant and effective way to meet your life - easing challenging emotions and difficult situations old and new.  EFT is different and far more effective than conventional methods of addressing personal problems. It does not require us to dive into the emotional depth and relive traumas all over again. Life changing, EFT Tapping takes us out of the emotional zone that so often leads us into trouble and gently confronts the problem at its core. Giving you courage and restoring personal power, EFT will change your life. With children and students of all ages, EFT has made important inroads at times of exams and tests, but also for teenagers and their often difficult times. The trick is to stick with it. It’s not a game, and while the technique and the points are easy to learn, to become a professional tapper takes much more experience.  EFT operates verbally and through tapping on the body’s energy systems offering us greater freedom from old issues, both emotional and physical.