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THANK YOU FOR VISITING. Do you ever feel that you don’t know enough?  Not enough data on what to do about your wellbeing, having to trust others to choose the ‘right path’? So much of what we all experienced has led to a desire, across the board, for more clarity as well as the use of our intuition. We want to feel emotionally secure and intellectually strong in our life. In order to achieve this and to address any inner fears, it is helpful to take a closer look at where we have given up our power. 

I believe we are better off addressing imbalances in any area of our life. Just because we’re used to put up with issues doesn’t mean it’s good for us. There is little doubt that taking our physical and mental health seriously, means this becomes a main focus in life.

Please call for a free 15 minute phone conversation to discuss your concerns and to see if we’re right for each other.

610 372 - 4572. Sessions in person, by Zoom,  Face Time or Skype.



The way we work

Beginning with a free conversation, followed by an intake session, we establish where to focus and see what can be accomplished first. Often it is the gut micro biome - the lack of balance in our digestive system that requires careful attention, where body wide symptoms are identified. At the same time we acknowledge the importance of our emotional states. We establish a course of action that gets adjusted as needed. Ultimately, my purpose is to guide you on your unique journey, allowing for individual choices and experiences that help you reach your goals.


…is the natural path for healing our bodies, our emotional traumas with a focus on the spiritual path. As such any physical pain or illness is rooted in our emotional and mental body, where our cells keep track of energetic blockages throughout life.  After 25 years in private practice, with work centered on the root causes of any issue,  my focus is to find where your stressors lie. Are you are willing to give yourself a break, releasing old trauma, old thought patterns and physical daily habits to bring forward true healing?

Individual expression of Body Mind and Spirit

Rooted in the understanding of the body’s innate ability to heal and thrive, we seek to find the root of your concern. From food to personal beliefs, including your self talk, your medical history and an in depth conversation give us a view into your physical and emotional wellness.

Our body’s cells recall all negatively perceived challenges, which can be the cause of physiological blockages during our lifetime. It’s good to know.

Our clients

Find empowered clarity of their own unique situation and are guided and supported to take the necessary steps to balance their health, their lives. It’s not a one size fits all approach, and often this journey requires patience. Your own personal growth during this process is a given.

Living in Balance Blogs and News

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Castor Oil – Gut to Brain

Castor Oil – Gut to Brain

Across cultures and history, castor oil has accompanied human life as a natural healing plant. In our modern times, it has been mostly used internally to strengthen digestive and immune function - much to the chagrin of mid century children. This precious oil has even...

Silver: First Aid to Healing

Silver: First Aid to Healing

Troubled by bacteria, Corona or other flu viruses, fungal infections or did you maybe just burn yourself? Grab your silver, in liquid and in gel form, and generously apply to the area. Silver belongs in every first aid kit, at home and when you travel. It helps purify...

Your Microbiome

Your Microbiome

It is exciting to learn and discover just how many functions are directly governed by the microbes that live inside us in particular those in our digestive system. Their interaction, diversity, and responses affect our emotional stamina, how well we digest our food,...

5G Radiation

5G Radiation

It is important that you be given the up to date research-based data and information for your wellbeing. Our much loved and amazingly useful technology also has a rather awful downside for human health, the most vulnerable of whom are children. EMR Electromagnetic...

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting

Gently cleansing and consciously nourishing body, mind and our emotions are cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle. Vitality is a measure of our quality of life and is dependent on attentive self care. Intermittent Fasting helps us get there. Caution: When you are...