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In private practice since 1997 in Maryland and Pennsylvania, I love working with people who intend to take charge and responsibility for their health decisions, are willing to learn, and actively pursue their natural expansion and personal evolution. Healing the past, learning self acceptance and self care bring the physical body into balance and strengthen the immune system. In all this I seek to be a partner and support system.

Traditional Naturopathy is a health journey that covers a wide variety of natural healing from herbs, diet, super foods, body care, energy release methods, lifestyle adjustments, hormone and gut health - allowing a practitioner to appreciate the complexity of the human experience.

The field of expanding human potential is my natural home. Having experienced first hand how easy it is to lose one’s way, compassion and clarity are qualities by which I guide my clients.

From Zurich Switzerland, with a degree in business, my journey took me to NYC, where I made my home for 12 years. After working in a variety of industries, international trade, art, banking and cosmetics I spent my spare time with holistic health studies to gain depth into the secrets of natural healing.

Living in MD for over a decade, raising a boy, I fully focused my passion on a holistic lifestyle. Supplying the kitchen with produce, gifted by the surrounding nature with cherries, apples, corn and happy dogs, hands in the soil and sharing with neighbors and friends the riches of our home grown harvest. All through this life, and  with years of studies and learning in Europe and NYC, I was deeply impressed by how beliefs and feelings affect the physical body.

Since 2004, I make my home in Reading, PA. Standing on the shoulders of teachers, pioneers in this field and those who risked disdain by their less informed peers, I promised to be someone who would be there for others, someone who shows up when she’s needed. That’s how people find me and that is my personal creed I take very seriously. People don’t come here until they are ready and invite me into their lives.

I thank you for wanting to know more about me and I look forward to meeting you.


Whether I work with individuals or couples, with teenagers or elders, the purpose is to serve each of you in ways that bring you peace in body, heart and mind and help you experience yourself more fully and enjoyably than before.

My desire is that you know how amazing and precious you are, no matter where you have been, where you are or how you think of yourself. Taking responsibility for your own life is empowering and important.

I am here to support your journey. Your Light is needed in the World. Please fan your flame.

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Key Areas of Study:

  • 23 years in private practice in MD and PA: Doctor of Naturopathy from Trinity School of Natural Health; CNHP.
  • 2019 Deep dive into the health of the Microbiome
  • 2018: The Emotion Code  + The Body Code, Certified Practitioner
  • 2012: AccessBars® Certified Facilitator and Teacher
  • 2006: EFT Advanced Practitioner; Psych-K ADV Certification
  • 1996: Touch for Health Certification, Institute of Applied Kinesiology
  • 1994: Coaching with Thomas Leonard, Founder CoachU.
  • 1988 + 2003: Mind Technology: Spatial Think, CIP Creative Intelligence Program - Freedom’s Laboratory, NY, NY.
  • 1982: Founder of Parents of Asthmatic Children, NY, NY.
  • 1977- Studies of Nutrition; Benefits of various diets; Juicing; Digestive Health; Detox; Fasting; Cleansing; Rebuilding; Healthy Weight; Hormone Health; Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • 1977: Body Work: Shiatsu (Ohashiatsu), Swedish Massage