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Our widely and amazingly useful technology also has a rather awful downside for human health, the most vulnerable of whom are children. EMR Electromagnetic radiation from Electromagnetic Fields in their accelerated intensity are now everywhere. To a small degree, they occur naturally in our earth’s atmosphere as frequency disturbances but for the most part we’re not affected by their low output.  Dr. Zach Bush’s interview on the topic is fascinating and enlightening.

The powerful increase of personal devices, pagers, cell phones, smart meters, smart household appliances, and the constant, invisible radiation from transformers mounted on every high structure, especially near and on school as well as apartment buildings, water towers and silos are powerfully impacting our health. Cell phones on and near our bodies are the greatest, constant exposure, quickly outpaced by a steady flow of satellites radiating 5G frequencies all across the world. 

PA has a new citizen initiative to bring the power back to the municipal levels in order to mitigate the intensity of 5G in urban areas and across counties. Ethernet wire up!

The Children’s Health Defense was handed a victory over the FCC and their unsafe 5G guidelines: “On August 13, 2021 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled in favor of the Children’s Health Defense (CHD) in its landmark case against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) challenging the FCC’s decision not to review its health and safety guidelines regarding 5G and wireless technology. The court’s decision states that the FCC failed to provide a reasoned explanation for its determination that its current guidelines adequately protect against harmful effects of exposure to radiofrequency radiation and failed to review the extensive evidence – scientific evidence and evidence of existing sickness – that was filed with the FCC.”  

Industry standards are not helpful to us since their love of profits outweighs strong guidelines to protect our health. This is particularly true of the powers that seek control over our lives and whose zeal for superior high frequency weaponry is now introducing 5G into our lives, across the globe. While you may think it gives us conveniences, they come with a big price tag. There are thousands of studies that have shown this technology has a wide variety of serious effects on our biology from our nervous system to our reproductive system, our hearts and brains.

This TED talk sheds more light:

There is much to learn in general regarding how we take back our safety, our health, our planet.


The US Government ‘generously’ allows for safety testing of cell phones by manufacturers as much as several millimeters away from the head at which distance radiation is not nearly as intense and damaging as when the phone is held at the head.  For every millimeter held away from the head, radiation decreases by 50%.  It’s in the fine print.

Here is a website, with updated science, with recommendations that are simple changes to how we habitually handle our devices. There are more suggestions at the bottom of this post.

During a lockdown, when children and adults are working from home, the exponential exposure to EMFs increased 4-6 fold. Here some suggestions from health experts on how to set up a child safe workstation and to keep these frequencies from harming us where we live and work.

Cell Phone Radiation and our HealthStart here:  do not carry your cell phone in your back pocket, on your body, in your bra, hand, etc. If for some reason you have to carry it on your body, keep it on airplane mode and return calls on speaker phone or text when you are back online - use headphones. NO exposure for children under 8, and very restricted usage for kids. Period. Their physiology is developing, their brains more malleable and their DNA just learning. Apropos DNA and radiation. This includes i-pads and baby monitors (keep it 10′ from baby) or any other electronic devices near your bed.

Not everyone has the same level of sensitivity to radiation exposure and it can be subtle, intensifying over time. We know that there is a cumulative effect on usage and exposure that creeps up on us. If suddenly you find you’re not sleeping through the night, are more restless and nervous and find yourself fatigued, what if it’s not just work or relationship stress, perhaps it’s time to include the influence of our devices at work and at home.

Nicholas Pineault’s talk at the Fall 2019  Vermont NourishingTraditions Gathering includes updated studies and suggestions. (Sound problems and static at 56.33 to 1.00, first part lots of good data.)

Studies since the early days have highlighted the need for caution. A French study found an almost three-fold increase in the incidence of brain cancer in people with more than 900 hours of lifetime cellphone use. Then, in March, [2013] a Swedish study found that the risk of being diagnosed with brain cancer increased by a factor of three in people who’d used cell or cordless phones for at least 25 years.

You see it’s not just your cell phones, it’s the cumulative effect of everything electronic, from your alarm clock in the bedroom, the baby monitors, pagers, microwave ovens, that emit radiation just by being there - unplug them if possible. The hair blow dryer, your cordless phone (the worst offender), your smart fridge, electric cars (sorry, but often you’re sitting on the battery) and the aforementioned, ever present cell phone- and communications towers on hills, silos and on top of high buildings. Here is clear science on the effects of the cell phones and other devices as well as how to protect ourselves to reduce exposure hazards.

The earth is our home, and spending time in natural open spaces, woodlands, rivers, prairies and mountains are our fountain of sustenance and renewal. Exposed to the intense pressures of electromagnetic radiation on a more or less continuous basis, our nervous system literally becomes heated and our body’s native equilibrium unsettled. Inflammation and chronic conditions rise to the point where some of us are unable to function.

Emotional Healing Henriette Alban ND Berks PA Naturopathy Natural Healing Alternative Health, alternative medicine human potential spiritual growth womens groups classesWHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT: 

  • Earthing ourselves means to expose our skin directly to the earth, or our nude body to sunlight. Walking barefoot in the dewy grass, wrapping bare arms and hands around a tree, or walking barefoot in the surf. The combination of moisture and native earth returns our overexcited systems back to the base frequency of our earth, which at 7.83 hertz is also the human brain’s average frequency.
  • Forest Bathing, an immersion into natural environments, forests in particular.
  • Keep your router away from sleeping quarters and baby cribs.
  • Corded land line– it will work even when our satellites go out (cordless phone radiation is even worse than cell phones).
  • Keep cell phone 1 foot away from your body.  The wi-fi signal is at its most intense when the phone is looking for connection while calling or sending texts.
  • Texting: speak or write it, then hold the phone away at arm’s length when you send the text – that’s when it outputs the most radiation
  • Do not continuously use streaming internet for more than 2 hours a day.
  • Don’t carry the phone on your person, I have a friend who puts hers inside her bra, and I’ve been known to stick mine in my back pocket, Potential tumor growth has been shown in concentrated exposure areas. It’s early days for long term studies, but rat/mouse experiments offer plenty of evidence of damage.
  • Keep all electronics out of your bedroom, including TV, Ipads, phones, electric alarm clocks and any other electric appliance. They interfere with your sleep cycle and increase stress and inflammation in the body, if baby monitor is absolutely necessary, keep it away from the crib by about 10 feet.
  • When working at your laptop, take it off wifi, use it on battery, or connect to an Ethernet cable. If possible, have your living area wired for ethernet rather than wifi. House wide wifi keeps the microwave radiation locked in your space.
  • Turn your phone, laptop, Ipad and routers off at night, especially wifi. This is something my Swiss friends taught me, they live in a building with natural built in EMF/microwave protection and use centralized corded routers only and far away from their sleep areas.
  • EMF microwaves are serious oxidants - Eat fresh farm grown vegetables, with their natural oxidative capacities. Drink Kombucha, eat organic fermented veggies. Rat studies have shown the benefits to the general nervous system and a restoration of healthy levels of essential minerals.
  • For years now, I’ve been using a universal mat, a rubberized pad underneath my laptop, which conducts the earth’s balancing voltage to my body through whatever part of my skin touches it. I feel it makes a difference. A cord from the pad is plugged into the grounding port of my outlet.
  • At the end of the day, let your family drop their turned off phones into a basket near the door and retrieve the next morning.
  • If you live within 400 meters of a cell tower, move – there is now lots of proof that this closeness affects everyone nearby. Again, brain tumors, cancers, leukemia, sleep disturbances, fibromyalgia, auto immune disorders, memory loss, difficulty learning. Some people have found relief from installing Farraday cages over their smart meters, especially in apartment buildings.
  • One defense, albeit it much more involved is to have a certified Baubiologist come and examine your in house wiring and build in protective tools to keep shield your home.
  • Streaming video is one of the most intense radiation signals. Perhaps download your movie then watch it once it’s on your device. If that is not possible, avoid watching it on your phone and station your computer or pad at least 3-4 feet away from you.
  • Consider the inexpensive solution of FLFE.net sending a positive energy field all around your home.
  • 7.83 hertz, the so-called “Schumann resonance,” - named after physicist Dr. Winfried Otto Schumann, who  predicted it mathematically in 1952 - suggests that the natural electromagnetic patterns of the Earth act like a tuning fork, not just for the biological oscillators of the brain but for all processes of life.  So it becomes a ‘no brainer’ to take note. There have been spikes in this resonance measured by the Heart Math Institute during global events, such as mass meditations or during 9/11 when human emotions were particularly affected. Research and studies don’t find a rise in Schuman Resonance, except occasional spikes, 


Cell phones and towers radiation dangers EMF endangering children Blog Henriette Alban

“Anyone who uses a cell phone should be aware of the potential problems that can arise.  Bear in mind that an instrument emitting a steady stream of electromagnetic energy is being used close to their brain.  The ear, with the cell phone pressed tightly against it, will receive the first of this radiation, and this is where most problems will begin.” Lloyd Burrell. www.electricsense.com 

Never have we been so far from merging with the natural world and so divorced from nature. By 2050, 66% of the world’s population is projected to live in cities. According to a study sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American spends 93% of his or her time indoors. Chronic illness and inflammation are emphasized in today’s world. When we use grounding tools, the earth, a earthing mat or sheets, the shores, the surf, dewy grass, wooded paths,  we  can return to the natural 7.83 hertz of earth. There is no excuse for those among us who have easy access to hikes, views, woods and natural environments - take your kids, call you friends and get out of the house.

Industry is not honest with us, especially when billions of dollars are at stake. A January 2011 article in Seattle Magazine: Ms. Ishisaka writes: “Thus was launched an epic battle over research and truth. If Lai and Singh were correct about the potential impact on brain cells from radio-frequency radiation, there could be billions of dollars on the line for the cell phone industry in potential liability, leading to significant design changes and lost market expansion.”

The Wireless Radiation Industry, empowered by the US government, uses subversive neuroscience to keep millions of Americans desperately addicted to wireless devices and apps. See how and why they do it on the 60 Minutes episode of April 9, 2017, called “Brain Hacking.”

In other words, create an environment that disturbs the brain, nervous system and natural immunity and the consequence is the unbridled growth of aberrant cells. My friend recently asked: “What can I do about these different symptoms I am feeling? I think I am spending too much time on my cell phone and on the computer. They go away when I’m away from all electronics.” She’s a web-developer, reducing usage is not really an option for her. Her request was the impetus to write this article, please scroll down for more  suggestions.

Not everyone has the same level of sensitivity to this exposure. For some there is no noticeable change. What we do know is that there is a cumulative effect on usage and exposure that creeps up on us. If suddenly you find you’re not sleeping through the night, or have a hard time falling asleep, you may benefit from turning off all wifi and devices two hours prior to bed time.

Scientific American describes an Australian sleep study: “These brainwaves [delta waves] are the most reliable and sensitive marker of stage two sleep—approximately 50 percent of total sleep consists of this stage—and the subjects remained awake twice as long after the phone transmitting in talk mode was shut off. Although the test subjects had been sleep-deprived the night before, they could not fall asleep for nearly one hour after the phone had been operating without their knowledge.”  We’ve not even touched on the blue light effect that impacts brain resonance and disturbs our sleep cycles and natural circadian rhythms.


“One of the most spectacular findings to come out of these studies is that EMF exposure of the type emitted by cell phones cause blood brain barrier damage.” Dr. G. Carlos.

Dr. George Carlos has lectured widely on the dangers of excessive exposure to cell phones, cell towers, power lines and was originally hired by Cell phone manufacturers to determine if there was in fact danger. After 7 years he found that yes, there definitely was a negative impact. His 5-part detailed presentation on you tube is an eye opener for all who want to go deeper into the topic.

Dr. Ann Gittleson, a well known health advocate, has some interesting comments about how EMFs affect Thyroid function and our health in general. Her book Zapped is a good read.

Start slow with countermeasure and build on your own experience, test drive how you feel and how much better you may feel after making the changes.