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Thank you Peter Mitchell for your exquisite art and poetry.

Borrowing a foundational question from Access Consciousness® “What Else Is Possible?” I am reminded of an inner knowing I had since I was a child: “There Has To be A Better Way”. Whether it was about cultural survival, opportunities or knowledge, things flowed in a tight order that didn’t allow much leeway. The knowledge I sought was not available to the lay person, restricted to those attending certain schools under tight conditions, which I did not fulfill.  People owned knowledge, how could that be? How could knowledge be exclusive? Resources and choices were immensely limited unless and until… so my life became a series of forays into used book stores, libraries, obscure second hand shops and actual research from Russia where metaphysics had been explored for some time. I taught myself most of what I know, especially once I left Switzerland and lived in NYC where what I didn’t even know I was looking for, suddenly appeared, and I, exploding with options and possibilities, ate it up as much as I could, read everything in sight, took classes from masters of healing arts and have never stopped adding to my knowledge.

What freedom. I shall forever be grateful to my host country and to the people who have guided me, taught me, inspired, supported and loved me. My life has shown me my strengths and my errors, age has softened how I interpret early consequences of being ‘outside the box’, which used to be called ‘ahead of her time.’  Along the way I was drawn to others who also didn’t fit ‘normal’ mainstream.  After all these years of faithfully fulfilling the promise I had given myself, I am filled with hope and trust that somehow what is to become is already here. And suddenly my book is open to the page “What else is possible?”

change the worldWhat if we came together? There are so many of us: Organizations  and Individuals across the world so many purposes so much loving kindness; freeing that which is imprisoned, ending animal cruelty in labs, on factory farms, ending war and hunger, changing the many unworkable concepts in the world.

What we can create together, we each begin within our own hearts, with peace and love and joy.


WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE?    What if there were others who thought like I did?

It turns out there are many, many others at first they were spread across several countries, phone calls and later emails were the choice of exchange. Once the internet became a daily companion I saw this concept realized: Everyone had so generously contributed their knowledge, their share of expertise, filled in blanks for the rest of us; fields of study cross referenced finally into a much more cohesive whole, a place to study the holistic life of body mind spirit, invention, physics, biology discoveries, sacred earth sites, ancient civilizations.

There is truly no more generous outpouring of shared information freely posted, copied, typed in, uploaded. How did we get so lucky to have such a depth of anything we might seek, from so many circles that connect and now overlap each other across topics and interests. NO longer is knowledge proprietary to those few who have attended expensive schools as it was for me growing up.

Those born in pre-google times don’t remember that at first having small computers and search engines was only available at research labs and universities, the traditional bodies of learning. I am delighted to have access to so much learning, outside of the previously restrictive systems. No longer captives of institutional systems of learning, our knowledge and our choices even beyond education have expanded enormously in many areas of life. Whether it be consumerism that is destroying our planet with its waste or the senseless amassing of money and goods for the sake of having more, we are learning how to be enough onto ourselves with each other and with what we have. It’s not a question of ‘making do’. Much more than that these conversations teach us what is essential for us and how we don’t need to show off who and what we are. That’s so old world.  All this pressure about more - is it fruitful and does it promote inner peace?

You’re captives of a civilizational system that more or less compels you to go on destroying the world in order to live.… You are captives — and you have made a captive of the world itself. That’s what’s at stake, isn’t it? —your captivity and the captivity of the world.” ― Daniel Quinn, Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit

Quinn’s eye opening concepts matched my notion of “there has to be a better way.” Human leadership in its assumptive arrogance has affected this earth, practically beyond recognition, altered our atmosphere, our waters, our oxygen supplies, all the while planning life on other planets. I used to think ‘don’t they have children who have to survive these politicians created eco disasters?’ Now I know that other plans apparently have been in the making. Curious, isn’t it - this obsolescence all over again, except now it’s people.  That kind of callous disregard, ideologies of a nature that dishonor human rights and make many people dispensable. They don’t seem to have any room in an evolved humanity. But perhaps soon, things are changing, critical mass is building on the strength of what would feel so much better, how a different kind of distribution of goods and earthly gifts would promote a safe lifestyle for all.

Okay so I’ve officially moved to a completely different topic. I’m going to let it stand as a flow of what moves me. Besides, while some people come here, mostly these blogs are mine for me, a record of my own that has value if others find value in them.

We can see the writing on the wall. Political shifts, financial shocks, temporarily stayed, artificial money unbacked by real value, secret negotiations, the intent of wresting control from the power that held it for so long, the potential of the end of a 1000 year long era. Economically disadvantaged, politically disappointed, many young and old people seek the change, want to know what else is possible, how do we move forward as free people. where are our opportunities, how do we make life good for us without destructive forces. How do we create life that allows our unique expression of our talents. We must take responsibility for who we are as beings of creation. We can no longer can put up with so much that is unconscionable, unsustainable, destructive and redundant. We are learning to eliminate it in ourselves, in our hearts in our words, deeds, thoughts and interaction. And we shall be careful and aware not to re create the same disasters we want to eliminate.

How shall we regroup and find ways to create what serves us all? Can we all come together and do it together, sharing the responsibility and peaceably work out how the riches of this earth are to serve everyone. Where food, clean air and water, art, music, real learning and the beauty of our world are open and available to all.

The time of change is here - let’s help it unfold, let’s be open to what comes up and how to best transition to what is so much more desirable and creative. Let’s stand up for what we believe, gently, positively, on purpose. Let’s see if we really need riches to be happy, goods and large properties to feel important. Let’s find our voices and unite against overreaching government agencies and harmful mandates disguised  as health laws. Let’s build communities that are capable of working together for the benefit and good of all.Where we grow food and naturally enjoy the closeness to nature.  Who knows what sort of resourcefulness we find within ourselves - I look forward to all these gifts.

Ubuntu, the path of Contributionism a word coined by Michael Tellinger, head of the South African political party by the same name with one million followers - have made big inroads into the new ideas on how to live now. Tellinger borrowed the Native American Cherokee’s creed: “If it’s not good for everyone, it’s not good at all.”

I can’t wait to see what we can each do, starting with peace in our own hearts, reaching out to our communities and expanding our circles, and others their circles, like so many ripples in a pond.

hands in a ringBlessings of Gratitude to you!