Emotional HEALTH




I believe that we are all connected, that our energies and are intertwined, that we live in this quantum field of universal energy also called The Field. Our lives are shaped and formed by our beliefs and our intentions that influence and create our personal reality in different ways. Emotional awareness matures our life experience. We are invisibly guided by our original intent before coming into this physical body: Our desire for expansion and the evolution of all humanity.

“When working with Henriette, I have always appreciated the inspiration and lightness of being with which she approaches healing and wellbeing. Her grounding in such a wide array of inspired energy balancing tools makes her a wonderful healer and friend.” Cristina C.

We seek balance in our lives, just because it feels the best. We can only go so long and so far in constant exertion, or in steady inertia. The gravity and the density of our planetary energy will demand that we are active, create, rest, sleep, recover, regenerate. These cycles of action and rest are what lie at the core of our polarity - the highs and lows - and in between the sweet harmony of balanced energy, of restorative growth and awareness. Remember that your soul’s journey lies within you and that you cannot escape it. Have fun with it!


The work I do with my clients centers on these beliefs, on personal awareness and personal responsibility of how we concudct ourselves - our relationships, our choices and decisions. Indeed, our awakening.


When any one of our life areas are imbalanced or when we are walking through our life experience as victims and disempowered people, the deep inner spark of our soul’s desire - not yet awake, or perhaps not yet strong enough to push into our awareness - we are in a space of relative ignorance. No matter how materially or scholastically successful we may be, we are not yet whole in heart and soul. We cannot truly prosper in imbalance, there will always be that sense of something missing.

Just like water holds the memory of its environments, as evidenced by the valuable research of Dr. Emoto, our bodies that are 75% water, also hold imprints from lie experiences since birth. Like the water within us, we react to stress and dissonance in a variety of ways, we resonate with music, harmonious sounds and words of love in a highly positive way. Our blueprint is the same.


Inner fears affect us in many ways, memory replaying traumatic events, sometimes with increased power as years of recall have imprinted them on our mind. Memories lodge in the cells of our body and send waves of warning when uncertainties arise. Built for survival, we use defenses from negative past events as a shield. This can hold us back from the fulfillment of healthy relationships and personal success.


To learn how to stay centered and able to calmly assess a potentially disturbing situation is wonderfully liberating. We learn to practice detached compassion with our life’s story.

We are here to effectively help you change your reactions with inner awareness and measured responses.

This is your invitation to enter the journey towards the evolution of all humanity.

Self discovery and self love and care are at the center of all our lives - and you add whatever else makes your heart sing and share that with the world.

Experience Fulfillment.