ORPHAN WORK is based on years of counseling and professional observations of clients’ work with self acceptance and self forgiveness. It is intended to ease the burden that many of us carry and to render harmless the impact early negative experiences had on a little child or a young person.

In my own journey, I discovered that to speak of just one inner child was limiting to me since there were so many events and issues that I experienced as traumatic and they were specific to different ages: The ten year old inner child was very different from the 4 year old one, and so I began to call them orphans = aspects of the inner child, different parts of our life experience.

This work puts us directly in touch with the orphan when we experience present day difficult issues or run into strong emotional reactions, unwarranted and not matching the present day problem. “There must have been something going on that wanted to let me know that there is unfinished business, an event with its own set of emotional parameters that rose up from within me when I experienced this current issue.” Yes indeed, it’s our inner child, our orphan speaking out in fear and warning, expressing great discomfort. Time to pay attention, to go there kindly and lovingly since once we’ve been able to soothe her, we are closer to healing whatever is at the root of the discomfort without having to relive old painful events. It is important to acknowledge the orphan and during a session it becomes clear how effective this method is.

To enter into a dialog with the orphan, we first discuss the various emotions that arose during the present day event and gather as much information as we can. Sometimes it’s someone who is ‘just not that comfortable talking about themselves’ and communication falters. From there we find the area in your body where you feel this the most - this is our entry point. Accessing and connecting with the orphan, it is my work to guide you in a meditative inner state to a caring dialog with the orphan, where you learn to be the loving parent to your own inner child in ways that fulfill what wasn’t offered at the time. This dialog is deeply touching and soothing, people experience a true connection within themselves that for many is their first actual encounter with their own inner voice. Words that arise intuitively in this session are part of the ‘repeat after me’ practice that I use to speak to the inner child.

Considering that our subconscious mind produces results based on its early conditioning, it seems logical that recurring emotional present day reactions deserve a second look beyond self judgment and criticism. Delving deeper over a few sessions, we gain our orphans’ trust and, within a short time, we are able to access these aspects of our inner child through a simple mechanism that we carry with us, clearing emotionally unresolved residue from earlier experiences. It goes without saying that even adult trauma such as shame and guilt from events beyond the age when we were children carry equally important orphan impressions which to clear is very helpful, especially for relationships. Once you know how to do this yourself, life becomes so much easier and your level of self love increases exponentially.

This is a real life tool, it promotes self care and self acceptance and is thus firmly rooted in 3-dimensional human evolution.

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One hour sessions $85; 1.5 hours = $120