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the inner child
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Orphan Work

comes from decades of inner work and professional observations when exploring the connections of body mind and spirit. We found just how deeply our childhood Impressions  continue to reach into how we live our lives, guiding our aversions as well as our preferences.

All that we physiologically experience, all events that still today affect our body and life, have their energetic roots in the emotional realm of the past. This work requires that we are willing to rise above victimhood and to free ourselves by gentle self acceptance and forgiveness.

Orphan Work allows us to access the emotional realm by engaging in conversation and physical exploration. Through gentle probing questions, exploring memories and by observing facial, voice and other expressions we see where a connection is made to the Inner Child. Orphan Work begins here.




In my own journey, I found the trauma of the 3 year old so different from the 7, 10, or 12 year old that I realized that to lump them together into one Inner Child didn’t work for me.

Looking back I realized that later difficult life events had built on previously unresolved childhood issues. Things like trust, able to let go, the need for control, allowing others to love me; all these had their roots in the distant past.

I began to call them orphans = aspects of the inner child, from different times and experiences  that continue to impact our life. The famed notion of ‘pushing through’ may work for some, and I find in the long run, it didn’t do the job deep down. It became something to watch out for and keep in check.

While at times strange sounding to people, Orphan Work is a powerful energy healing tool to liberate and release us from past trauma we were helpless to avert.

Any strong reaction, aversion, judgment of self and others, no matter how ‘righteous and correct’ this may seem, is at the core our own.

We keep living from past hurts, trauma and events –  from a longing to be our very best while we keep tripping ourselves up. I used to reprimand myself with “When will you ever get it together?”

It is possible to release long standing self judgment, rejection, criticism, violations, even abandonment - our own or that of others - that may have discouraged us from stepping into our best self. Sometimes there is an underlying shadowy sense that we can’t quite touch that is connected to the past that has affected even prior generations. We also find that Orphan Work may bring out generational recall of families, and I expect that this too may be an important element in today’s world.

A post session comment: “Something inside of me wanted to let me know that there is unfinished business, an event with its own set of emotional parameters that rose up from within me when I experienced this current issue.”.

Yes indeed, it’s the inner, wounded child, our orphans speaking out in warning and fear, expressing great discomfort. Time to pay attention, to go there kindly and lovingly since once we’ve been able to soothe and release her, we are closer to healing what is at the root of our behavior.


To enter into a dialogue with the orphans, we first discuss any emotions or body sensations, inlcuding physical weaknessses, that are pointing to something being off, something disagreeable, even painful. Discomfort that arises when we think of another time in our life or during present day situations.  Sometimes there are long term aversions we don’t quite understand, situations we’re unreasonably warned away from. Intuitive signals, while always appropriate, can also be those long ago experienced fears that something is not safe for us.

Using all that you experience, we tune into the body and focus on the areas where you feel this the most - this is your entry point to begin the dialogue. Accessing and connecting with the orphans, I guide you in a meditative inner state to a caring intuitive dialog with the orphans, where we discover original cause and where you learn to lovingly parent your own inner child in ways that fulfill and heal that which was lacking or hurt at earlier stages of life.

This dialogue is often deeply touching and soothing, with a true inner connection where words, images, and impressions may be present which for many is their first actual encounter with their Inner Child. In this work there is no need to live through the past experiences again.

During sessions, when connecting with the inner child,  we may recall her/his voice and love her into a peaceful place, a promise is made to be attentive and loving during any future signals or alerts that she/he may send up.  These are promises we learn to keep.

The depth of compassion that is released is so beautiful and often astonishing to the person, especially since there is no reliving of the original event.

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Orphan Work was an immeasurably important connection to a part of me that I had denied myself due to my traumatic past. I am now free of shame and regret that plagued me for the past 70 years. While also using other therapies both medical and psychological, it was Henriette’s Orphan Work and her patient ways that put me in touch with myself. JK


On a scale of 0-10 how effective would you rate Orphan Work has been for you? A strong 9. JK

During my session with Henriette I was able to visualize, speak to, hear from, and begin to resolve issues with my inner child(ren). The experience of Orphan Work was gentle with necessary emotional release. I felt relieved and thankful that the session was so profound. I felt a deeper love for and connection to previously unknown aspects of myself. I know that healing occurred and continues to occur. I made it a point to connect to my inner child for several days following my session with Henriette and I do so periodically now. JS

Connecting with my inner child continues to help me discover where I sell myself short and remain unfulfilled. Orphan Work has had an immeasurable effect on my self esteem and confidence, releasing what I used to consider shameful events in my life. HCA

I’m in touch with myself, out of my head, Whole in my self; unmanipulable. And born of a seed that started working with you. TS

Orphan Work guided me to courageously and gently gather all the shards of my fractured spirit and love myself into being. In essence Orphan Work saved my life. Thank you!  Jim K

It changed everything, I see myself more lovingly, more accepting, it’s almost always about forgiveness, my thoughts and deeds were not my orphans fault, it’s what we had to do to survive as children. What I remember most is the ease of it all, and the post-session lightness lasting 24-48 hrs. June K