Access Bars is based on the connective, gentle quality of very light touch to different areas of your head and neck. This is an ancient energy method handed down to Gary Douglass about 25 years ago. We have found this method to be highly effective for stress release, for easing people out of chronic pain, for improved sleep and less overall stress

Neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin, performed a before and after analysis of the brain with a single Bars® session. Watch the evidence of this highly effective method. Energy lines up and the coherence of the brain becomes evident. “The cells in your body are resonating with that energy” Dr. Fannin. Dr. Fannin speaks of a complete physical alignment and a connection with universal field energy through our Chakra system.


It’s like redrawing your original energetic blue print as you ease away from feeling stuck and restless. People have reported feeling alive, also feeling extremely relaxed, no longer mentally occupied with what troubled them before the session. Physical concerns ease and there have been reports of actual pain relief. stress and long term issues.  Better blood flow and a renewed connection with our energy body help us remember who we really are.


ACCESS BARS®During a Bars® session my clients have benefitted in resolving personal issues, answering troubling questions, from stilling their mind and releasing energy blockages all through their body.  Aches and pains go away as the caring energy eases out stress and tension. Many say that their pain and physical discomfort have lessened or are gone, and overall the body has rebalanced itself to offer more energy and wellbeing for what’s next. When we’re stressed, we’re so often fragmented in our thinking and separated from out body. This work is done fully dressed on the massage table. It’s almost like an aided meditation that often leads to deep peace.


“I always look forward to my Bars session with Henriette. She is a gifted Bars practitioner and facilitator.  After a session with Henriette, I notice I am more present and more joyful; I am grateful for and aware of so much more beauty and possibility in my world. I highly recommend this gentle, yet powerfully life-affirming experience.” Jeanne S.

“My first Bars® session triggered images that helped me understand and release a frightening childhood experience, which had been bothering me. The second session was very relaxing.” M.R, PA.

“Having my Bars® run by Henriette was an amazing experience. She is a gifted healer - I would hihgly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their life and expand their consciousness through energy work.” C.B., NY

“After my Bars® session with Henriette, I felt very ‘free’ and exhilarated. It was a lovely feeling and it helped me to let go of being fearful.” C.L. PA.

Bars® session lasts about one hour - charge $95 - This service is offered by itself or as part of a personalized program. or call 610 372-4572