We chose to be here at this time, at the time of this shift in consciousness; this edge where we get to stand together in the awareness that we are ready to evolve to embody both our Divinity and our Humanity.

Owning up to our spiritual being-ness is our journey – owning that we create our reality and that this reality looks different for each of us. There are no two journeys the same, and while there may be apparent similarities, our individual perceptions teach us how uniquely and differently we go through life - a kaleidoscope of potential expressions. Therefore we don’t know the path our companions or our children have chosen; therefore, the best we can do is to be present with compassion and love, even while we may disagree. It’s called allowing.

Each of us must decide where we stand, how we follow our inner compass and what is true for us. If you’re here reading this, it would appear you’re interested in your role in this impending transformation and evolution of the human heart. For millennia, there have been powers that have exercised authority over the world’s people, often with poor regard for their well-being and spiritual autonomy. In truth, we have always had free will and the power to be true to ourselves with many teachers to remind us. To embrace our highest good is an inside job, no matter the powers and circumstances outside. There is help now, there is awareness now. We can do this now.


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Connecting with Love as the One and Only True Force in the Universe, we touch Creation, we touch God in each other.

Let us collectively take full responsibility for our life experiences, for what and how we feel, how we express our truth in this world, Our learning, our choices, our forgiveness, our Love. The grace inherent in our growth, our ability to see through this varied, often challenging life experience - proving our integrity and valor over and over again, each in her own way.  We feel the grace the moment we step outside of being victims, when we take responsibility for the now, in appreciation of all that presents itself.

Listen within, pay attention, be available to learn and grow, to give and receive.



Naturopathy Healing Emotional Healing Henriette Alban ND Berks PA Naturopathy Natural Healing Alternative Health, alternative medicine human potential spiritual growth womens groups classes


Spiritual Practice is no longer an option for Sunday mornings or when we’re in trouble. Neither is the occasional meditation. Daily spiritual practice is what guides us in these uncertain times. Learn and practice your tools, find your inner alignment, ask for guidance and the protection of the Beings of Light, the Universe, the One God.  What we do now is of benefit to all - to honor our lives and efforts and celebrate our heartfelt devotion now. Stand in nature, connect with the earth and water, wherever you find them. Seek the beauty that abounds and let your heart be filled with the trust and faith that, truly, “all is well, and everything always works out for me.”

Science finds that not only is the earth heating up, all our solar system’s planetary bodies are too. More light, more warmth and more speed bring us shifts in our personal life experience and collectively inform our consciousness.  Increased solar activity has an impact on our emotions as does the general uncertainty rampant on Earth. And onward, we are facing a multitude of challenges designed to help us reach our highest potential. Emotional turbulence and economic challenges make sure we don’t get comfortable or settled. Standing together, we can overcome these challenges and for the first time in human existence join our collective hands to empower Love, Gratitude, Creativity and Freedom for the promise of a golden age.

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