WOMEN EMPOWERING WOMEN: giving to each other = giving to ourselves.

The Women’s Group, since August 2014, is a community of women whose connection comes from their deep desire to be with like minded others. Different backgrounds and ideas notwithstanding, when it comes to our aliveness as women, this circle is a safe space where we are more similar than not; a safe space to release self doubt, grow in strength, counsel each other or simply speak to be heard, really heard. Professionally facilitated by two experienced workshop leaders, we come together to rise above the illusions and limitations of what we thought was our life, or our story, to expand our inner horizons in the way women do best:  in community. This is our time, our purpose and our emergence from the chrysalis.

Women Empowering Women

The Women’s Group is a circle where we safely share ourselves, reminded of what we have known all along, reaching across to uplift and inspire each other and to foster our own Truth and Worth. In this circle, we come home to ourselves by celebrating where we are and how we have always been enough. We remember that all that happens is there for us, not against us and that problems we encounter appearing from the outside are within ourselves, too - no matter how much we would love to disagree. Together we make safe discoveries that benefit us all.



Facilitated by Diane Trieb, MDiv. and Henriette Alban, ND, a group runs for 5 consecutive weeks and is optional to renew. Groups have revolved many times since August 2014 - a powerful testimony to the value of  WOMEN EMPOWERING WOMEN.

All ages are welcome

Women Empowering WomenComments about The Women’s Group:

  • This group is a place where I come for me
  • This is my ‘Village’
  • Now I got legs to stand on, to feel my truth, thank you!
  • Trusting others to hear my problems, being vulnerable and recognizing that I can let it out and accept productive feedback, makes me feel safe.
  • It was really, really good, helpful to learn how to let me be me
  • Tools and processes have helped me stand strong in who I am!
  • Even when it seems that I’m too tired to come, I always leave refreshed and energized.

Where: 103 South 5th Street, Reading PA 19602 (Dr. Alban’s office)
When:  5 consecutive weeks, Tuesdays or Thursdays*
Time:   6.30 – 8pm
Cost:    $65* for 5 weeks - *subject to change

Contact: nd@henriettealban.com or call 610 372-4572