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The Art of Living in Balance

Food is Medicine

Delicious food, tasty, nourishing, healing. Fascinating research points to the gut as the main branch of our immune system. Today’s science of the microbiome unfolds for us the intricate and elegant mechanisms of the interaction of the microbes in our small and large intestines.

The Power of Change

Change is the one constant in life. Until we seek change as a matter of personal growth and expansion, we tend to be at the mercy of life’s push and pull. Most people are more open to change when something is not working anymore. Why wait so long?


Each of us is unique and different. Starting where you are, our flexible, adaptable programs assure ongoing success on your healing path.

Living in Balance

It’s easier than you think

Finding Balance is how we help you navigate your way through often confusing information. Self care and self awareness are a big part of this work. Balance comes when we know what triggers us, both in foods and emotions. There is no one size fits all - to honor your uniqueness we test and measure how well you do helping your Microbiome produce optimal function.  Our different forms of Energy Work and Emotional Counseling complement your reaching wellness on all levels. 

We also work closely with outside resources, such as Acupuncture or Body Care, Yoga and Pilates.

Together we find the most effective ways to reduce your stress so you can be centered in all situations. We teach you how to help yourself, even in times of difficulties. You no longer have to fall apart to get the liberty you need. Ultimately, the more self knowledge and awareness you possess the easier it is to counter the challenges of this fast paced, uncertain world. With the knowledge of how your body responds to stress, and how to release your emotional triggers, you will have more energy, sleep better and enjoy your life to the fullest. Your Souls thanks you.

About Henriette Alban

Doctor of Naturopathy

Mine is a long standing desire to help people get well and find a wholesome lifestyle that nourishes Body and Soul. 

In private practice since 1997, I have enjoyed working with people who wish for a better life with more flexiblity and lasting relief from symptoms of all kinds. Mental and Emotional Counseling addresses old pain and past trauma, small and large.

The cornerstone of holistic work is to acknowledge any and all aspects of ourselves and to gently honor and release what is no longer helpful or needed. All of it once had its purpose.


What to Expect

During your first visit we discuss your concerns and wellness goals. Together we prioritize to build a sensible effective program. Over time we can adjust to the gains you made. Stepping stones that give you your very own authority for a healthy life. You are in charge and can set the pace.

My Approach

We begin with a full medical health intake and ask a lot of questions. There is a flow to how your body has responded to life. This flow or perhpas its blockages show us where to start. Taking your needs into consideration, we help you adapt to what works for you.  First visit is $175, please allow 1.5 hours.

Next Steps

We ask you to fill out a week’s worth of dietary and digestive information which gives us a model of how you function now and where we might make the first changes. 

Helpful Change

From there we design your steps, we introduce functional foods make changes to your food intake, add supplements to assist and discuss emotional work and stress release when needed. 

Food Coaching

During our work together you personal experience becomes the coach you need as you learn how your body responds to the changes you make in all areas.  Healing cannot be rushed.


Every Body can move, can stretch and strengthen. Movement is an integral part of cleansing, healing and maintaining your body.

Functional Supplements

We use only highly effective food based substances. Most of these are naturally recognized by our body to heal and put where they’re most needed.

Our Body Heals

This built in capacity makes it easy to assist from the physical and emotional sides. We learn what really works for us.

I’ve Developed Fun & Realistic Methods For a Balanced Nutrition

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