Natural First Aid Learning Center, NaturopathyIn this blog and much more in-depth in the class of the same name, we explore the panoply of natural remedies available to help us cope with the stress of accidents, burns, injuries, wounds, falls, sprains, the flu, tooth aches, and more.

I’m sure you have experienced the occasional need for a quick and reliable first aid remedy. And if your preference is for natural substances you’re in the right place.

This class speaks to the many effective ways to naturally help yourself and your family should the need arise. To put together an all natural first aid kit and to build on your knowledge of natural remedies is one of the goals of this class. Natural herbal remedies have been around forever. I recall my own family’s use of simple iodine as wound disinfectant or a simple clay salve or herbal poultices to draw toxins from infections, mustard plasters to heal colds, reduce fever, and more. Natural remedies work with the natural healing mechanisms of our body. These days we have additional sophisticated options that effectively address many of our needs.

Let me say this upfront: If you have a fracture, or a serious wound that needs stitches, if you are swelling up after a yellow jacket attack, or if you’ve been shot, or taken a serious fall, go to the emergency room, let yourself be diagnosed as to the severity of your injuries. If you are not an experienced self helper, don’t wait for the herbs to work, we have more choices and the trauma centers and emergency medical centers can help much more effectively.

However, while you wait to be admitted, there is much that you can do. And it’s not that different from what you would do at home, but you have the added assurance of outside medical care. Homeopathic remedies are helpful for trauma and shock that may accompany your injury. Bach Flower Remedies (both are energy medicine) help with the emotional stress that often accompanies such events.

There are other ways to reduce the stress such as deep and even breathing and soothing yourself with soft music on your headphones. If you are rushing to the emergency room, if you can at all, bring some snacks, plenty of fresh water and something that helps you pass the time. Emergency rooms are serious places heavy with the energies of pain and suffering, of haste and heroic measures. Remember not to give in to such energies and through mindfulness - and it’s really not a matter of “I can’t do that when I’m waiting to get help,” since waiting to be attended to can take many hours. If you have someone with you who can help you as you are hurt, all the better. Again, you have more power than you think, and practicing breathing, calmness and mindfulness practices assuage any emergency situation you may encounter. The purpose of this class is to teach tools and measures that take the intensity out of serious injuries and to give you what you need to stay safe and well taken care of.

The class comes with several pages of handouts with a detailed list and the uses for the different remedies. Both preventive and therapeutic in nature, you come away with self help support for a lifetime of emergencies small and large, at home and while you travel.



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