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Let’s rely on our common sense, caution, courage and compassion to see us through these times. We are pulling together staying in touch as best we can, sharing thoughts, food, and our hearts. Let’s put reality before emotions and let’s look at the likelihood of getting the virus. 85% of tested cases are mild and people heal within a short time.


Many with symptoms tested negative for COVID-19 symptoms and had other respiratory problems. From prevention to treatment, natural healing methods are rising once more to the occasion. Antibiotics are ineffective against viruses. The 3 most consistent COVID-19 symptoms are Fever, Cough and Difficulty Breathing. After a potential incubation of 2 days to 2 weeks, most cases are mild and are over in 2 weeks. Serious cases can last between 3-6 weeks. 

At first, I could not help wonder why mainstream media was so intensely hyper about the increased danger of this virus, when the yearly flu statistics show an excess of tens of thousands that die every year. Flu season is hitting its stride right now in the US. So far, the CDC has estimated (based on weekly influenza surveillance data) that at least 12,000 people have died from influenza between October 2019 and February 2020 and the number of deaths may be as high as 30,000.  (This is not the COVID-19 ed.)

Granted COVID-19 is stronger than the usual flu virus or its cousins SARS and MERS. All of these are mutated viruses, ostensibly studied for their affect on farm animals. No matter who owns the patents and how this potential biological weapon got out of hand, a strong cofactor appears to be 5G, with the world’s epi-center in Wuhan, China, where the first outbreak occurred.

Whatever facts are circulated, the horse has left the barn and the world is holding its breath. I defer to Dr. Thomas Cowan, who has some interesting historical facts about virus creation, petro-chemical pollution, and how the electrification of the planet was always followed by widespread viral devastation, both in the animal kingdom and among people. The rest of the world will be blanketed by 5G, if the power companies have their way, working directly against the health of the people. As with all disease, not everyone reacts the same and many people have no immediate symptoms. Be watchful and aware of any changes in your health, and take great care to seek help as needed.

For real and updated numbers on COVID-19 across the globe, scroll down to the bottom of the linked page.

10 Defenses to Keep you Healthy and Sane to Prevent and Treat Viral Infections


Defense Number One: Hydrate yourself well with clean fresh water so your body has sufficient fluids to flush out waste and toxins, including the thick sticky mucus seen on x-rays of autopsied lungs. Use ocean sourced trace minerals in your water, supplying your body with 74 essential minerals, calcium and magnesium, alkalizing and hydrating your cellular fluids. Most of us are lacking in essential trace elements, and our body has a native affinity to naturally sourced, clean ocean minerals like coral calcium, which is actually bio available.

Defense Number Two:  Colloidal silver, a trusted ally for a hundred years. Hydrosol manufactured Silver is a strong defense against all manner of microbes, including virus, bacteria, fungi and yeast, and their spores. It is also great to treat burns, cuts, colds, for dental care, etc.  It can be used internally, and in all orifices as well as directly on the skin. Some of us have used it to clean our faces before bed. Many of us use it in spray form when we travel by air or in crowded places. Daily sprays into nostrils keeps the passages clear. Remember that a virus is not alive and while it can replicate, this process is hindered and eliminated with silver. Always taken on an empty stomach, except when sprayed on face, into eyes, ears, nose.

Defense Number Three: High levels of Vitamin C, however you get it in to you, liquids, crystals/powder, capsules, intravenous - our body doesn’t make it, we need to supplement with it. Try natural food source derived Vitamin C supplements 2-4000 twice a day with a bit of food. Fresh lemon juice in you water helps alkalize body fluids.

Defense Number Four: Use herbal tinctures such as Olive Leaf Extract, Oil of Oregano capsules, Golden Seal capsules, Garlic fresh and cooked or as capsules (no smell residue), Vitamin D3 and K2. Fresh ginger, grated into your food spiced with golden Turmeric, or use Curcumin capsules. Check your symptoms and look for the corresponding homeopathic remedies. Opti Zinc (better absorption), also important for throat health. Everyday Throat Spray is an excellent solution to keep your mouth and throat clean and well defended.

Defense Number Four A: 9 out of 10 people stop taking their supplements too soon. Please keep going at least a week to ten days after your symptoms have stopped. After one week, you can taper the quantity or frequency to every other dose, and then every other day. Our body, when generally healthy, does not need to take anything long term. When it needs extra help, give it, and after danger is over, allow it to return to its own mechanism.

Defense Number Five: Reduce your exposure to 5G and to radiation from electro magnetic fields. Put your phone on airplane mode when not in use, keep it away from your body, especially when you sleep. Take electronic breaks where possible, walk on the earth, shore, grass to strengthen your immune system with the beneficial natural energy of the earth. The past two years I’ve benefitted from a consciousness raising service also effective against EMF radiation. 

Defense Number 6: Throw open your windows for at least 5 minutes twice daily, longer once it’s warmer. This allows stale air to escape and oxygen to infuse your rooms. Indoor air quality in winter is generally unhealthful. Yes, heat will escape and the exchange with fresh air is of the essence. Acquaint yourself with essential oils to inhale and help purify your space with a diffuser.

Defense Number 7: Drink your water, juices, teas always at room temperature and warmer. Never ice cold. Your liver will thank you. Sit in sunshine and expose your skin to the healing rays. Right now in early spring, the air is softer and the solar rays not quite so intense. All cold viruses are less harmful once our own immunity is strengthened by warmer, sunnier weather and more daylight. Drink on an empty stomach before and one hour after meals.

Defense Number 8: Please don’t panic. Being gullible to “What If scenarios” weakens us. Better to take a walk in nature and breathe deeply of fresh air. Exercising outdoors offers a much better disinfecting chance than taking staying under the covers. Even just sitting bundled up outside more oxygen helps the body to heal. If it’s really cold, put a scarf over your nose and mouth. Moving your body in fresh air allows the lymphatic system to release its waste.

Defense Number 9: Naturopathy suggests dry skin brushing, with natural bristles or loofah, before a shower or bath, followed by hot and cold showers 1 minute each with 3 repeats. Hot and cold therapy invigorates our blood flow, driving it down (cold), and raising it back to the surface (hot). Both methods lateral massage further moves waste from the body and eases the strain on the lymphatic system where waste and toxins are stored.

Defense Number 10: Laugh, watch funny movies. Practice Positive Self Talk, Gratitude Talk, Loving Self Care. Use your minds and hearts to share Love. This is our chance for kindness to ourselves and towards others. A time to be with family and loved ones, a time to reflect and meditate with its calming effects. A time to help heal the world as our factories close and roadways empty stopping for a time the usual polluting sources.

Materials for this articles unless otherwise linked come from a seedbed of many other natural medicine professionals, who have shared their ideas, advice, suggestions and hopeful messages since this started.

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