At Living in Balance we find immense value in The Work by Byron Katie. Her process is intended to help us unmask our egos and the dense veil that may obstruct a clear view of what is real and what is not. Our minds love our stories and just how we tell them doesn’t really matter, for as long as we believe in them, we are caught in a web of emotional beliefs that hold us captive. One of the hazards is being caught in victim mode, in that we believe to be right and justified to blame another or that we believe we have been wronged so much it is unforgivable. To discover that both tend to be incorrect thinking can be quite stunning. Of course, the reality of what happened may be entirely true in your experience, but it is the perception and the thinking that gets us into trouble. The Work questions our thoughts to allow us to learn about ourselves in truly simple and constructive ways, when we’re open to this gentle kindness and self acceptance.

Here is a recent video titled “I am afraid of Trump…”

The openness this work engenders releases fears and pains, and like a laser beam, illuminates the core issue of any inquiry. Relief and clarity wash over our assumptions and help us take off a load of long held beliefs, helps us clear the air or to make amends with others; to realign with a new found insight. This mind changing process lets us take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. Loving What Is is an eye opening path to your freedom.  I highly recommend her many videos available on her website

To be loved just as we are, we have to be willing to love others in the same way - Accepting What Is is a Life’s journey to peace.

No matter when you’re ready to do the Work by Byron Katie, it allows us to take inquiry to all our mental stories. You will know when it is time to lay to rest what has been a part of your thinking patterns. Or what we have believed about ourselves and others without actually inquiring into its truth. Many of our opinions and beliefs stem from family habits, from ways of viewing things we may never have questioned. Until something comes up that invites us to do just that.

How often have we heard this inner voice that tells us about what should have run differently - where we should not have erred, should have been loved better, taken care of better, or that others shouldn’t have hurt us and how they should have stood by us. Let’s do it, let’s inquire into these thoughts. At Living in Balance we help clients discover how the process works and show them how to follow the method at home. Ultimately, this process is a life long companion available always when it’s time to inquire into our perceptions and thoughts. Call us at 610 372-4572

“There is only one problem, ever - your un-investigated story in the moment.” Byron Katie

Katie’s podcasts are a treasure trove of examples of how this freeing process looks in action. Please visit


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