Personal Growth is a Journey through Life

by which we get to know ourselves deeply and unflinchingly. We may not start out that way, we may have been warned of being too open and direct, yet over the years - through self discovery and the desire to be seen without our masks - we gain a stronger sense of ourselves. We are rewarded with an inner awareness that we didn’t have before. 

“Henriette, with her very presence of attentive “listener” helped me realize it was not my fault…I was not what had happened to me… nor would I be what “could happen” to me… I AM a gift to the world, as we all are intended to BE! Her gift was mirrored to me and for that I am truly grateful.” Kimberley Q.


When we’re inspired by the diversity of our life experience, adventures in nature, adventures in relationships, the love and also the pain, we take ourselves to a mastery that easily finds clarity in past and current events. We then wisely choose what path is most beneficial and worth pursuing. Transforming what was thought to be a smear or stain on our life, we embrace the past in the present, grateful for the gifts that have brought us to this journey of self acceptance and love that deepen the peace we feel when we’re completely healed.



“Working with Henriette, I learned that I had a right to my own choices and decisions and that I was worthy of loving kindness towards myself. Finding my direction, I made big changes in my life and am today, a happy, contented, healthy woman.” Thea M.

“The new science [of epi-genetics] takes us from victim to creator; we are powerful in creating and unfolding the lives that we lead.  Through acceptance and knowledge of self, the ultimate empowerment to stand fully in our lives, we begin to see the limitless potential of what is possible.”  Bruce Lipton, PhD.

Our work together fosters self acceptance, bringing compassion to ourselves and to others. The child within suffered when circumstances left us no choice and no control, and it may be time to release the old fears. Also see Orphan Work.

One hour sessions $85  1.5 hours $120

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