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Hi, I’m

Henriette Alban

Owner of

Living in Balance

A life time of combined learning and practicing with over 22 years in private practice, it is my joy and privilege to help others heal. The human body holds the imprints of past hurts and current life events. We read the intricate connections and decipher what is the most appropriate path for you now.  Body Mind and Heart are not separate –  in this work, you are one beautiful, open human being, ready to make change, ready to open to yourself and your potential.

First visit is $175. Follow up visits are $95. We don’t accept insurance.

Please call for an initial free 15 minute phone conversation to see if we’d be a good match.  610 372-4572.

Thanks for visiting and looking around. Check back here for updates on talks and blogs.

The Work by Byron Katie

The Work by Byron Katie

 At Living in Balance we find immense value in The Work by Byron Katie. Her process is intended to help us unmask our egos and the dense veil that may obstruct a clear view of what is real and what is not. Our minds love our stories and just how we tell them doesn't...

Silver: From First Aid to Healing

Silver: From First Aid to Healing

Troubled by bacteria, virus, fungal infections or did you just burn yourself? Grab your silver in liquid and in gel form and let it work for you. Silver belongs in every first aid kit, at home and when you travel. It helps purify water, and it has been successfully...

Welcome to Naturopathy!

Ancient wisdom and scientific findings inform the work with we do with our clients.

Traditional Naturopathy

Works with a variety of testing methods, uses herbs, super foods, target substances for optimum gut health, and dietary adjustments and other lifestyle changes. Energy methods for physical and emotional release count among the powerful tools at your disposal. 

Individual expression of body mind and spirit

Is intricately connected with the endocrine (hormone) and nervous systems and the conscious and subconscious mind, insight into both can bring much coherence to otherwise confusing impressions.

Rooted in the understanding of the body’s innate ability to heal and thrive, we look for the causes of your symptoms. From food to personal beliefs, your medical history and an in depth conversation give us insight into your physical and emotional wellbeing.

It doesn’t matter how well we appear to manage stress and inner tension; they cause heat and inflammation in the body and can sooner or later uncomfortably get our attention. It would be so beneficial if we allowed active preventive self care and emotional healing to influence our life decisions rather than wait until something breaks. For preventive first steps and to help you make lifestyle and quality food choices, I have prepared blogs with suggestions you can use right now.

Our clients

Find empowered clarity of their own unique situation and are guided and supported to take the necessary steps to balance their health. It’s not a one size fits all approach, and very often this journey requires patience.

We support your journey

From small steps to lifestyle changes. A healthy body and peaceful heart promote a high quality of life. You’re just that much happier to be in your body.