Acupuncture: Mark Siegrist L. Ac.

Mark SiegristMark is an accomplished Acupuncturist whose gentle bedside manner and comforting presence go hand in hand with a deep dedication to and understanding of his craft. Mark has a way of listening to your pulse as if it were a set of instructions upon which he gently insert needles in just the right places. A session with him is an exercise in relaxation and healing. Trained in China and committed to the leading edge on Acupuncture, Mark returns frequently working with his teachers in acute, real life settings where Chinese and complementary medicine are used. Working with Mark has taught me a lot about my energy, which his work helps balance effortlessly. While the needles do their work, I tend to fall asleep in the peaceful certainty that when I wake up my body has been restored to its natural balance. Whether it’s my lymph system, a sluggish digestion or a serious cough affecting my lungs and breathing, I come away from Mark’s treatments eased and with renewed vitality. We are fortunate to have Mark’s practice right here in Berks County, and with the results I and others have had, this is an easy recommendation for a fellow holistic practitioner.