It is a pleasure to share my recommendations for local resources supporting a wholistic lifestyle. This page will undergo frequent updates and changes as I’m adding more for my community.


Berks, Chester, Lancaster Counties produce some of the very best produce in the US. We are so lucky to have lots of farms, some certified organic, some transitional, some with pesticide free and non spraying practices. They carefully and thoughtfully augment their soil to make sure their produce brings us the essential minerals and vitamins mostly gone from conventionally grown produce. They grow superior roots and greens and herbs, many not commercially available anywhere else. 

One of these is B & H Organics, a forerunner to introduce organic produce to our area. I love the Sunday West Reading Farmer’s Market.  Here is a list of others, who grow and offer excellent and wonderfully fresh produce and home made foods, several of them sell at different markets around the area.

Bleiler’s Produce Patch   Goose Lane Farm    Primordia Mushrooms    The Daily Loaf  

What’s local? I say around 150-200 miles radium from your home. Freshly harvested means you get the vegetables before nutrients get lost. Local farmers have the wisdom our communities need stay healthy and well nourished. In turn, we support them through CSAs or weekly market purchases. And if you’re of a mind to grow your own, there is ample support from local nurseries, herb growers and farmers, many of whom offer seedlings, easy to put in the ground or pots in your own garden or patio.