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women EMPOWERING women


Giving to Each Other = Giving to Ourselves

The Women’s Group is a community of women whose connection comes from their deep desire to be with like minded others, to grow into who they truly are and share that process and joy with others. Different backgrounds and culture notwithstanding, when it comes to our aliveness as women, this circle is a safe space where we are more similar than not; a safe space to release self doubt, grow in strength, counsel each other or simply speak to be heard, really heard.

Together we learn to grow beyond limitations, we accept that the power to change is within each of us, and we know our group is a place for safe exploration and personal and spiritual expansion. Ultimately, we understand that challenges are opportunities and - rather than drowning in ego based complaints - we take a closer look at our thoughts and actions seeing clearly that whatever bothers us or arises within us is ours, not someone else’s, even if it appears that way. Our bodies, our feelings, our thoughts, our stories, they are all ours.

We come together to figure things out and share with one another our insights. In this way we bring peace of mind to each other, in this way we are safely at home, loved and supported.


Women Empowering Women is a circle where we are reminded of what we have known all along: what women have in common, no matter their origin or creed. Reaching across to uplift and inspire each other and to foster our own Truth and Worth, we find ourselves reflected back in each others’ eyes. In this circle, we come home to ourselves by celebrating where we are and how we have always been enough. We remember that all that happens is there for us, not against us, and that challenges we encounter, apparently coming from the outside, are within ourselves too - no matter how much we would love to disagree. Together we make safe discoveries that benefit us all.



We keep our group size small at 10-12 women to offer the space and to listen with the intimacy small circles offer. Many times women rotate in and out of the group as we hold the space for the spiritual evolution of our community. We work on a 5 week cycle, usually Thursdays.

Where: 103 South 5th Street, Reading PA 19602 (Dr. Alban’s office)
When: 5 consecutive Thursdays
Time: 6.30 – 8pm - free street parking available after 6pm.
Cost: $73* for 5 weeks payable at first meeting.  *subject to change

Contact: nd@henriettealban.com or call 610 372-4572




Women Empowering Women’s group was created in August 2014 and is facilitated by Henriette Alban and Diane Trieb. With five week cycles, many women have flowed in and out of our trusted group. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our community in this way.

What Women have said about The Women’s Group:

  • This group is a place where I come for me, where I feel empowered
  • This is my Village - I’m surrounded by love and acceptance
  • Now I got legs to stand on, to feel my truth, thank you!
  • Trusting others to hear my problems, being vulnerable and recognizing that I can let it out and accept productive feedback, makes me feel safe.
  • When I had to make this tough decision, I felt you all there with me, strong and supportive, and it became easy. I did it!
  • It was really, really good; helpful to learn how to let me be me and to own my feelings
  • A place where I feel nurtured and safe and can say what I need to say out loud
  • It’s helpful to get the different perspectives on what I’m dealing with.
  • Tools and processes have helped me stand strong in who I am! Awesome Practices
  • Even when it seems that I’m too tired to come, I always leave refreshed and energized.