Homeostasis: Any organism in harmonious function including all aspects of its physiology and psychology operating at optimum stable levels.


Doesn’t it sound amazing, to be in homeostasis, your beautiful body’s systems in harmony with heart mind and spirit? People with this quality feel a steady strong current of life force that informs every cell in their body. They have plenty of energy, find balance in their lives and even under stress manage to be in a state of clarity and optimism. People often see them as ‘the picture of health.’

Acid Alkaline Balance …is one of the most basic and vital principles of homeostasis in Body Mind and Spirit. You have probably heard a lot of buzz words over time and it’s not that easy to get the intricacies of how this works.

Let me have a go: The body by function is acidic and by design alkaline. Our body has an acidic interaction with eating, drinking, daily activities, exercise, cellular renewal, digestion, and fighting illness. Its number one priority is to keep the pH of the blood at 7.35-7.45. To do that, it has to restore fluids to an alkaline state through enzymatic action, by adding specific digestive fluids to help metabolize nourishment. The steps after include neutralizing and eliminating waste products. This is an ongoing whole body process with the purpose of moving back to alkalinity and restfulness. The Yin and Yang of our body physical.

The moment we stop eating, drinking anything other than water or herbal teas - when we fast for one or more days, remove all solids and live for a time only on liquids - our body, no longer burdened with breaking down food, or fighting digestive stress - begins to clean house. Old waste is removed from the blood stream, the joints and cells and wherever else it has been deposited to make room for the body’s optimal function. Once we stop the ever present food intake, that which has been stored for removal can finally be eliminated. This cleansing action and reaction is often the reason why people complain that fasting or not eating even for short periods cause them to have symptoms that seem like colds or nausea, or sometimes skin rashes. Let me assure you that this is the natural function of eliminating toxins. This is the way we alkalize and neutralize waste products from years of living. This is something everyone benefits from, and the discomfort is not meant to discourage you. Go slower if it’s too much. For most of us, cleansing is a path to wellness once we’ve been given a diagnosis, but what if you could cleanse daily, mindfully? Let’s remember that this is not about blame or feeling we somehow messed up.  Life brings us enough challenges for everyone without pointing fingers. We all need to cleanse periodically and we all, without exception, benefit greatly from this practice. Elimination takes place through breath, sweating, movement, and the obvious channels of kidneys and bowels. On the way out, such toxins can sometimes cause a healing response, which is often mistaken as getting sick. When we fast one day a week,  or twice a month, or seasonally, we learn to know exactly when it’s time again and our body learns to count on such times for eliminating waste and toxins. It’s a great idea for a high quality life. Please look for future blogs on fasting and cleansing.

How do I know I’m acid/alkaline imbalanced?

If you answer yes to one ore more of these issues, you are imbalanced:

  • Bloating, gas (wind and/or burping), heartburn, acid re-flux, constipation, diarrhea, irregular bowel movements, lack of appetite, excessive hunger, headaches, aches and pains, inflammation, joint pain, frequent flus, low grade fever, body odor, bad breath, foul smelling stool, strong smelling urine with darkish colors, or urine that never clears through the day. Trouble sleeping, nervousness, constant stress, shortness of breath, allergies, asthma, fatigue, skin rashes, poor circulation, low stamina, frequent infections and more.

Suggestions that help balance your inner system, promote wellness and help you heal

  • Start your day with 8-16 oz of clean water at room temperature and add the juice of one medium fresh lemon or two limes. This stimulates your kidneys to quickly release the waste from the nightly cleansing actions your body naturally performs. Drink at least a pint of clean alkaline water before breakfast or coffee.



  • Hydrate well throughout the day: Drink at least 64 ounces or 8 8oz
    glasses of clean alkaline water every day. If you flush your system early in the day and hydrate before food by drinking around 12 - 20 oz, it helps set the tone for excellent hydration throughout the day. The morning flushes are the most actively noticed and most important. But even if you can’t do that, drinking alkaline water anytime is of the essence to realize homeostasis and with it healthy balance.
  • Drink between and before meals and not until one hour after eating. Limit intake of fluids with solid foods to 4 ounces to avoid diluting your digestive juices. Eliminate coffee and alcohol when you fast, the water infused with coral calcium will make such transitions easier.


  • If you are low in stomach acids, have heartburn or acid re-flux, introducing Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar before meals on an empty stomach supports digestive ability and helps with the establishment of friendly bacteria = probiotics. While it may appear that something acidic would make things worse, ACV actually performs several beneficial functions that promote internal alkalinity. The Braggs company suggest that that one teaspoon of ACV added to 8oz of clean water helps reduce the discomfort of an over-acid stomach and promotes better break down of food. Drinking this first thing in the morning gets my day started.
  • Allow about 4 hours between meals; avoid snacking so your stomach can empty completely before your next meal.  Easy exit foods are those that digest easily and do not steal energy from your system that creates these afternoon slumps for which many seek out sugar, coffee or even soda. If you have sugar balance issues, it is likely that’s connected to an imbalanced diet and your micro biome: the beneficial bacteria in your gut. (For those with diagnosed glucose issues, please consult your health professional on how often you should be eating.)
  • On the emotional level: laugh often and enjoy gentle self-care, remember to appreciate yourself and listen to your body. When it’s tired, notice what you ate if you have any discomfort including feeling tired after a meal - not just after a holiday meal where most of us overeat. Notice any resistance in your mood, if you have judgments about work or family or anything else that you ‘hate doing’. It’s often accompanied by a ‘funny’ body feeling. Chest, throat, neck, stomach, abdomen are favorite emotional centers that signal when you’re out of harmony with your highest good. Some people’s lower backs are aching at such times. By not listening, your body has to over compensate which means more work that shows up in accelerated aging, we get sick quicker and more often, we have more pain and inflammation, aches, colds, fevers and whatever else there may be that is generally connected to stress caused by an acid alkaline imbalance.
  • The emotional aspects we all go through are key components of the acid alkaline balance. To grieve, to be angry, to be hurt, feel like a victim all create an enormous load of negative energy that creates dissonance in the body. When you feel these feelings, make a decision that you will fully feel your feelings, not run away from it. But also staying clear and acknowledging that these feelings are not who we are, it’s something we experience. We can all handle this for a while but too many years of an emotional load brings just as much inflammation and lowered immunity with it as do bad dietary habits. Let’s focus on what we want, not speak of what we don’t want or how life is incapable of bringing us joy every again. While things change greatly, there is a desire for happiness and joy and when combined with gratitude they contribute to well-being and hopefulness. Our emotions are powerful surges of deep feeling; when they threaten to overtake us it is essential to gain some clarity of what is actually present in this moment that is when we stop telling ourselves the story of how awful life is. Looking at what is actually there, leaving out the intense emotional charge, helps take the sting out of difficult times to allow clarity and focus help us decide our next steps.
  • Remember: Your cells listen to every thought you have, to every belief you espouse, to all that you fear and that which you love – what do you want more of? Speaking kindly and encouraging to yourself, to your inner child, allowing her/him to be soothed as if we were parenting ourselves bring about self acceptance.

These suggestions generally lead to a more balanced lifestyle with the added benefit of increased peace and harmony.

Alkaline water: purified or distilled water infused with coral calcium, a marine mineral created by the natural synergy and biology of native coral and its resident algae. It contains ionic, easily absorb-able calcium, magnesium and essential trace minerals,  Carefully harvested from the ocean floor near Okinawa Japan, cleansed with a patented process,IMG_2810 Coral Calcium has been a game changer since it was first brought to the US in 1995. In sachet form (little tea bags) the minerals infuse our water with essential ionic minerals to promote natural alkalinity. The key word is ionic, which lets our body uptake the minerals and trace elements easily and completely, which is not the case with mineral supplements of which we generally absorb only 15-20%, especially if you are over 40. BTW sprayed produce contains considerably lower values of nutrients than are present in organically raised vegetables and fruits, plus you get the toxic side effects from pesticides.

Here is how our blood reacts to acid and alkaline substances:

Red blood cells under a dark-field microscope from the same person taken within 20 minutes of each other.

First slide is the person’s daily blood. Healthy, easy red blood cell motility; cells surrounded by a little aura of energy. These cells easily carry oxygen and nutrients to the rest of the body. That is what your blood looks like when it’s well alkalized and your energy is high and steady.

This person has been drinking coral infused water for the past 25 years and is 67 years old.


20 minutes after drinking a soda, the blood now looks like this:


Renas blood 2

We’re looking at red blood cells attacked by the acidity of a soda (pH of 2), clumped together so tightly they create stacks of coins called rouleau. Unable to carry the essential oxygen, iron and other nutrients such a person feels tired, has a lack of vitality, is often cranky and unsure of themselves, and with extended use of acidic foods and drinks which create inflammation has a greater susceptibility to infections and colds. Cellular renewal is compromised and the body must compensate in ways that create acidic deposits in joints, cells, tissue and fat.




20 minutes after drinking a glass of water infused with one sachet of coral calcium:

Compared to the first slide, this picture shows even greater improvement and the transformation back to alkaline blood is stunning. It shows clearly the benefits of drinking coral infused water on a regular basis. It goes without saying that our blood is changeable and that this slide shows a clearly healthy blood picture.

The conclusion is that drinking coral calcium infused water clearly benefits the body, aligns with a high quality of life and vitality, and in times of tensions and change helps with stress even when nutrition is not optimal or when life throws us a curve ball. All stress is acid forming, all joy, pleasure, laughter and love are health and vitality promoting.

If you wish to know more about how best to use coral calcium, please catch up with www.alkalizetogo.com or leave me a comment or send an email to the address listed below.

Benefits of alkalizing habits; I have collected these testimonials over years in my practice.

  • Sleeping much better, feeling a lot calmer
  • no more acid re-flux, eliminating better and more regularly
  • my body can’t wait to get more of this water, it’s like my lips are reaching for it
  • greatly reduced aches and pains
  • better focus and mental clarity
  • bladder voiding is easier and fuller
  • joints feel better, greater range and mobility
  • no more colds since starting this water
  • have more energy, can play longer
  • less anxious, better mood
  • best yet: kids don’t want soda anymore once they’re drinking alkalized water
  • and they’re not hyper active anymore (also excluded sugar)

Here a few extras on how to use these sachets:

  • For a sore or infected tooth or bleeding gums: soak one sachet with colloidal silver and apply the sachet to the affected area. It will adhere nicely. Leave on for an hour or overnight, refresh as desired.
  • Take the coral sands from a used sachet from the previous day and mix in with your food.
  • Your pets like it too - they’ll have more energy and stamina
  • Soaking a cloth in cool alkaline water is soothing for sun burns and to cool fevers.
  • When drinking the alkaline water slurp it to allow it to be absorbed by the mucus membrane in your mouth.
  • During workouts, on the ball field, for kids and adults alike, and for elders - to help heal or simply maintain wellness, the alkaline water helps support your body in the best way possible.

What I have always suspected about coral calcium is that when infused in water, our body seems to recognize the composition of the ionic minerals as like itself. In recognizing the ionic minerals as a part us, the body’s intelligence will put them to work where they’re most needed. Remember the body loves to cleanse and balance as often as possible or when given half a chance by fasting for a day or longer. Therefore people have had many different positive responses to drinking the water, from simply enjoying the taste to stopping soda and sleeping better. From easing chronic aches to improving digestive health alkaline water is our constant companion. The range of benefits is based on your body’s needs, and is experienced as highly beneficial.  The best way to absorb Calcium, Magnesium and the trace minerals is in their ionic form, either as vegetable juices, provided the soil contains sufficient nutrient amounts, or  as the super alkaline water infused with coral calcium. Remember that this is not a panacea for a health condition, this is a way of life. Drinking the alkaline water brings a healthy balance and steady vitality to our life.

To Your Health!


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